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Avalanche Victim Detector




Avalanche Victim Detector (AVD) is also known as Avalanche Transceiver. These are small, compact radios used to identify avalanche burial sites. They transmit electromagnetic signals that are picked up by another transceiver on the receive mode.


AVD works in two modes ie receiving and transmit or search mode.


(a)       Transmit mode.         AVDs are carried by all the persons moving through an avalanche prone area. Before moving across a slope where an avalanche is expected, AVDs are set on transmit mode. In case somebody gets buried in the avalanche then the AVDs of rescue party can detect the signals of AVD buried with the victim and the individual can be rescued.       

(b)       Receiving mode (Search mode).         AVD carried by the rescue team are kept on receiving mode. In receiving mode as soon as AVD picks up the signal, the approximate distance and direction appears on the display. The no of burials within the range of the AVD is also displayed on the screen. An AVD can detect a victim buried 20 m deep in snow in a radius of 50 m.


Technical Data.


            (a)       Transmission frequency     457 kHz.

            (b)       Power supply                       3 batteries (pencil cell).

            (c)        Battery lifetime                    200 h send mode.

(d)       Temperature range             –20 degree Celsius to +40 degree Celsius.

(e)       Weight                                   198gm (incl batteries).

(f)        Dimensions(L/W/H)             116/75/27mm.




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