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Joining Instruction


Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering & Winter Sports (JIM & WS), Nunwan, Pahalgam (J&K), is a joint venture between Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India and Deptt. Of Tourism, Govt of J&K, and it has excelled in conducting adventure activities like Mountaineering, Skiing, Trekking, Rescue Operations, Water Rafting, Paragliding and Expeditions for the students coming from different parts and states of India over the past twenty Eight years.
Pre Course Preparation
        Climate: Headquarter of the Institute Pahalgam and its Sub -centers are located at a height of approximately 7,000 to 9,000 feet and remain snow bound from December to March. Climatic conditions vary during winter courses and Mountaineering series of courses:
  (a)      January to March (Winter Course Series).Temperature drops down to up to minus 10 degrees centigrade. Adequate extreme cold climate clothing is required during day and night. Students are requested to bring the following items while joining the winter courses:-
(i)      Rain coat/Poncho.
(ii)     Heavy woolen socks (minimum four pairs).
(iii)    Balaclava and Woolen Cap
(iv)    Woolen Gloves.
(v)     Thermal inner wear (minimum two pairs)
(vi)     Writing material / stationery.
(vii)    Sun Glasses.
(viii)   Lip Salve.
(ix)     Sun screen lotion.
(x)     A pair of track suit(in addition to the one provided by the institute)
(xi)    Woollen Jacket.
(b) May to October (Mountaineering courses series): Climate remains pleasant. The days are fairly warm but nights are cold. Hence light winter clothing is required during this period. During July and August, the rains are heavy and raincoats / ponchos are required for outdoor training. Students are requested to bring the following items while joining the summer courses :-
(i)      Sun cap.
(ii)     Sun Glasses
(iii)    Sun screen lotion
(iv)    Light winter clothing
(v)    Good quality trekking shoes
(vi)    Woollen inner wear
(vii)    Rain coat
(viii)   A pair of track suit(in addition to the one provided by the institute)
Physical fitness: Though no special training is necessary to join the courses, the students are advised to do jogging and long walks. They should be physically fit and mentally robust and be able to with stand the rigors of snow and high altitude.
Medical Standards
In order to minimize the injuries to students during course, all students should undergo a thorough medical examination before joining. Students suffering from following diseases should avoid applying for the courses.
  (a)     Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
  (b)     History of pleurisy or asthma.
  (c)     Frequent attacks of pharyngitis or sinusitis.
  (d)     BP should not be more than 140 mm Hg Systolic and 90 mm Hg Diastolic.
  (e)     Chest expansion should be 5 cms or above.
  (f)     Students should not be suffering from osteoarthritis, sacro sciatic syndrome, in growing toenails, multiple corn, internal derangements of knee, inguinal hernia, varicose veins and recurrent dislocation of shoulder joints.
  (g)     Student should not be an old case of High Altitude Illness/ Cold injury.
Medical Examination on arrival at School
  (a)     Medical examination at the School will be carried out immediately on arrival.
  (b)     Students are advised not to consume liquor when coming for the course, as well as during the course duration.
  (c)      Proper personal hygiene and sanitation to be maintained.
Pre Course Standards
All students detailed to attend a course at JIM & WS should be capable of covering 3 Kms distance daily including 300 m ascent in one hour with 10 Kgs weight.
Students are advised to read the latest edition of Mountaineering books and related material
Documentation of the students will be done on arrival.
Unsuitable Candidates
Students found unsuitable for a course due to lack of professional aptitude or when found guilty on disciplinary grounds will be returned back. Any student missing training curriculum for more than two days of total working days for any reason will also be returned back.
Loss/Damage to Equipment
Most of the equipment / clothing issued to the students is imported and very costly. In case of loss or damage to the equipment / clothing or any other item provided/ issued to the students, full cost of the item will be recovered from the individual concerned.
All arrangements for dispersal ofstudentswill be made by the Institute. Students will be relieved only on production of clearance certificate duly signed by all concerned.



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